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Planning Applications

The following applications, under the Land Use Planning & Approvals Act 1993, may be inspected at the Council Offices, 13 Smith St, Longford, and online at until the listed closing date. Written representations in accordance with section 57(5) of the Land Use and Planning Approvals Act 1993 may be made during this time to the General Manager; mailed to PO Box 156, Longford 7301, delivered to Council offices or a pdf letter emailed to

Current Development Applications

Northern Midlands Interim Planning Scheme 2013

Approval of Draft Amendment

In accordance with s42 of the Land Use Planning & Approvals Act 1993, the Tasmanian Planning Commission has granted final approval for the following amendment to the Northern Midlands Interim Planning Scheme 2013.

Amendment 04/2021 (Approved as of 12 September 2022)

Location: 17 Church Street, Campbell Town

Purpose: To amend clause 10.2 General Residential Zone Use Table of the Northern Midlands Interim Planning Scheme 2013, by inserting "or on folio of the Register 14992/1 (17 Church Street, Campbell Town)" into the qualification column of the Emergency Services Use Class within the Discretionary category, in conjunction with an application under s43A of LUPAA for an emergency services facility at 17 Church Street, Campbell Town.

The approval will be available to view at the Council Offices for 14 days from the date of approval.

closing 28 September 2022

PLN-22-0185 - 81 Brickendon Street, Longford: (CT 124312/1) - 6 Lot Subdivision (Vary Lots Sizes, Bushfire Prone Area)

PLN-22-0191 - 2 Carins Street, Longford: (CT 116587/1-4) - Storage Shed - 8.5mx3.8m (Road & Railways Asset Code)

PLN-22-0200 - 87 Devon Hills Road, Devon Hills: (CT 39260/162) - Shed - 24mx12x6m (Vary Gross Floor Area of Outbuildings Greater than 80m2, Vary Side Setback)

PLN-22-0204 - 55 Marlborough Street, Longford: (CT 107659/1) - Tree Removal (Local Historic Heritage Code; Heritage Precinct Specific Area Plan; Biodiversity Code)

PLN-22-0210 - 19 Phillip Street (Lot 2, 17 Phillip St), Perth: (CT 183268/2) - Dwelling

closing 03 October 2022

PLN-22-0069 - 103 Caledonia Drive, Relbia: (CT 139717/7) - Alterations & Additions to Existing Dwelling (Vary E3.6.1 Development on Land Subject to Risk of Landslip)

PLN-22-0190 - 108 High Street, Campbell Town: (CT 26408/1) - Convert retail shop into a takeaway shop (Heritage Precinct, Car Parking and Sustainable Transport Code)

PLN-22-0203 - 144 Marlborough St, works at 153 Marlborough St, 119 Catherine St, 344 Cressy Rd,, Queen St (unmade), Marlborough St, Cressy Rd, Catherine St and Cracroft St road reserves , Longford: (CT 167605/1, 173613/1, 104455/3&4) - 9 Lot Subdivision (vary lot sizes, attenuation)

closing 5 October 2022

PLN-22-0101 - 20 Lewis Street, Longford: (CT 124624/2) - Multiple Dwellings x 3 (1 Existing, 2 New) (Vary Design and Layout of Car Parking - access width)

PLN-22-0193 - 116 Fairtlough Street, Perth: (CT 158357/1) - Ancillary Dwelling (heritage listed)

PLN-22-0194 - 9 Translink Avenue, Western Junction: (CT 150770/16) - Warehouse, Access & Parking (Parking and Transport Code; Translink Specific Area Plan)

PLN-22-0196 - 1 Hay Street, Longford: (CT 107643/1) - 2 Lot Subdivision (Vary Frontage Lot 2, Attenuation)

PLN-22-0206 - 658 Woolmers Lane, Longford: (CT 135619/1) - Vegetation Removal (Heritage Listed Place, Flood Prone Areas Code)

PLN-22-0214 - 310 Perth Mill Road, Perth: (CT 182213/3) - Garage, Timber Deck & Two Sheds (6mx4mx2m Awning) (Road & Railway Assets Code, Bush Fire Prone Area)