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Launceston Airport TRANSlink Precinct


The TRANSlink precinct is rapidly developing as a high quality industrial, business and transport location. The precinct is adjacent and surrounding Launceston Airport – the largest freight operation in Tasmania.


TRANSlink is a great place to do business

Many companies have already identified and taken advantage of TRANSlink’s strategic location and its user-friendly planning scheme, and highly competitive rating and fees schedule.

  • It is centrally located to a range of transport modes. It is only 2 hours by road or rail to all other major centres in the state; less than 1 hour by air to Melbourne and less than 2 hours by road to a deep water port.
  • Has extensive flat sites zoned for industrial use
  • It has a ‘user-friendly’ planning scheme that fast tracks development
  • It has excellent service infrastructure
  • It is separated from residential areas
  • It is a high quality development including landscaping and site planning requirements
  • It has highly competitive rating and fees schedules.

The Precinct affords those wishing to develop in or relocate to the region the benefit of a strategically positioned and central location.

Download the publication, Launceston Airport TRANSlink Precinct - Logistics and Industrial Hub in Northern Tasmania, published by the Office of the Coordinator–General which provides an overview of the precinct and investment opportunities.

In addition, Council's Rates & Charges Policy makes provision for a rate remission to Industrial /Commercial developments as follows:

- If the General Rate increase is greater than $20,000 then

  • for a 3 year period, 75 percent of the general rate increase paid and 25 percent of the general rate increase reserved for use on off-site works nominated by the ratepayer (provided the works agreed to by the Council)
  • reserved funds remain for 5 years, after which the balance shall be absorbed into general revenue, or

- If the General Rate increase is greater than $5,000 but less than $20,000, then 75% of the rate increase paid for a 3 year period.



The Climate Futures for Tasmania Project has modelled climate change in Tasmania and predicts that the general long term influence of climate warming in the Northern Midlands municipality is a slight increase in annual average rainfall by the end of the 21st century.

Although there will only be a slight annual increase in rainfall, it is anticipated that rainfall events will tend to be heavier, interspersed by longer dry periods.

The existing TRANSlink stormwater infrastructure was designed and constructed in the 1980’s with sufficient capacity to deal with the run-off from a 1 in 5 year flood event.

A review of the stormwater infrastructure at TRANSlink has been completed and National Stronger Regions funding is currently being sought to undertake the necessary infrastructure works to meet the demands of the anticipated changes to climatic events in our region.

Council aims to provide:

  • a 1 in 20 year ARI capacity for minor infrastructure to assets such as stormwater pipelines and pits.
  • 1 in 100 year ARI protection to properties will be provided for major overland flow paths, such as detention basins, swales, and roads.

In order to further future proof TRANSlink these assets will be sized to accept runoff from an expansion of development areas within this precinct.

TRANSlink Stormwater Project opens up new opportunity for business

Council’s Stormwater upgrade project, part of a larger renewal program, will vastly improve services in the precinct. Planning is well advanced. Council encourages new business to hold early planning discussions with General Manager, Des Jennings, to take advantage of this sought after space.

TRANSlink’s emergence as a business, industry and transport cluster close to the airport provides a crossroads to all Tasmanian Ports, building future economic stability.

Application was made to the National Stronger Regions Funding Program in March 2016. Not letting the grass grow under their feet, Council committed $1.865m to the project in July 2015, secured two cash partners, and set to work on this very desirable strategy.

The project will future proof the precinct against the threat of a 1-in-100-year storm event.

Lots of work is already happening! The project design combined works to provide the most effective stormwater strategy.

  • Increased pipe sizes and an additional parallel line to increase flow capacity
  • Diversion of some stormwater sources, such as adjacent rural catchment land
  • Increased number of detention basins
  • Upgrade of existing detention basins to prevent upstream build-up
  • Grassed open drains to add to the stormwater flowpaths

Works may commence sooner if required to accommodate a new business locating to the precinct. Discussion with the General Manager is welcome.

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Gordon Williams Executive Officer Northern Midlands Business Association (NMBA)

Phone: 1800 192 297 Mobile: 0402 636 769

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"The idea of TRANSlink was to have a zoning and an area in place where the normal procedures for applications and permitted uses were streamlined dramatically, for instance, when we started out subdivision there we were able to put an application into Council and at the same time one of the purchasers was able to put in their building application."

Robert Harrison, Launceston Airport Industrial Park

"It’s a great transport hub, with access to the south and north west of the state via road/air access and the potential for rail access to the ports."

Ben Humphreys, Harrison Humphreys Real Estate

"We find in this location that we can doing a lot of work for other companies in the area such as transport companies and freight companies. It’s a hub here."

Russell Fyfe, Cosway Project Services