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Lake Leake and Tooms Lake Shack Sites

Lake Leake and Tooms Lake Development Guidelines

The Northern Midlands Council owns the land surrounding both Lake Leake and Tooms Lake. During the 1970s, there was significant development in the area and a number of shacks have been erected on the land surrounding both lakes.

In the mid-1980s, the State Government expressed concern at the possibility of effluent from the shacks contaminating the lake. This resulted in Council introducing a ban on any further development, and a requirement that all shacks be provided with an approved portable chemical or composting toilet. It was also identified that a set of Development Guidelines was required to enable shack owners to be aware of building requirements.

These Guidelines have been prepared to assist owners in the care and maintenance of existing shacks and surrounds. These Guidelines may be varied by Council in special circumstances where strong justification is provided.

Lake Leake Development Guidelines

Tooms Lake Development Guidelines

Change of Lease Details

When you sell your shack or wish to make changes to the names on the lease you will need to fill in a Deed of Assignment and send into council. For further information regarding the Deed of Assignment please contact Council on 03 6397 7303

Deed of Assignment