Proposed Footpath Trading By-law No. 1 of 2022

Posted on July 29, 2022

Northern Midlands Council is releasing for public comment its proposed Footpath Trading By-law Number 1 of 2022 and supporting Regulatory Impact Statement.

The Council previously had three by-laws regulating footpath trading and associated activities within the municipality:

  • Display of Goods on Highway By-Law
  • On Street Dining By-Law
  • Freestanding Sign By-Law

Northern Midlands Council also has in place a Footpath Trading Policy.

The Northern Midlands Interim Planning Scheme 2013 and the State Planning Provisions’ (SPPs) do not regulate footpath dining and temporary signs. On this basis a by-law is required to regulate these displays.

The purpose of the By-Law is to regulate footpath trading in the Northern Midlands municipality by:

  • Preventing excessive use of signage by businesses in the Northern Midlands municipality.
  • Preventing danger/hazard to patrons caused by crowded streets/shopfronts.
  • Establishing clear guidelines for footpath trading to ensure fairness to all businesses.
  • Trying to protect both the Council and the public against damages and loss by setting the basic level of public liability insurance to be held by the operator of such an enterprise, including

Members of the public are invited to make submissions regarding the proposed by-law. Submissions are to be made in writing and by posting or emailing them to:

Northern Midlands Council
Attention: General Manager
PO Box 156
Longford Tas 7301

Submissions close at 5:00pm on Monday, 22 August 2022.

A copy of the Footpath Trading By-Law and Regulatory Impact Statement are available at the Council Office, 13 Smith Street, Longford, or on Council’s website:

If you have any queries relating to the content or effect of the proposed Footpath Trading By-Law please contact Council’s Executive Officer, Amanda Bond on 6397 7303 or via email

For further information, please contact Mayor Mary Knowles OAM on 0408 766 625.