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Media Release - Council welcomes investment in Perth Streetscape Plan

Posted on April 19, 2021

Council welcomes investment in Perth Streetscape Plan

Northern Midlands Council has welcomed the Tasmanian Labor Party’s $1million commitment towards the revitalization of Perth’s main street should it be elected as majority government on 1 May.

The million-dollar promise – made on 17 April – is part of a targeted plan that will assist Council to carry out the Perth Main Street Redevelopment Plan, which includes the upgrade of existing amenities, improvement to urban furniture and implementation of pedestrian crossings and other traffic calming measures to further attract visitors and tourists to the area.

Mayor Mary Knowles OAM said the announcement has been well received by the local community.

“We are delighted to see that Labor has identified Perth as an area of growth and has invested strongly in upgrading and developing the main street,” Mayor Knowles said.

“This commitment will be a massive boost to Perth and its local businesses, particularly after the town was bypassed.

“With residential growth in the township expected to almost double the population within ten years, Council is committed to ensuring the growth of local business and tourism in the area.

“The main street revitalization will not only enhance the existing streetscape but also help small local businesses by ensuring Perth becomes a destination in its own right.”

For further information, please contact Mayor Mary Knowles OAM on 0408 766 625.