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Stock Control

'Livestock' includes but is not limited to, horses, cattle, swine, goats and deer

Keeping of horses, pigs, and other livestock on a residential block

Livestock may be kept in residential areas but some properties in the council area have private covenants prohibiting the keeping of horses or pigs. You would have to look at your title documents or check with your solicitor to see if you are affected by a private covenant.

Council Officers frequently respond to investigate problematic stock including cockatoos, lambs, pigs, horses and roosters.

Officers can issue Abatement Notices under the Local Government Act 1993 (https://www.legislation.tas.go...) for action to be taken if complaints are received and the allegation found to be justified in respect to smell issues, roaming animals being a road hazard, a danger to pedestrians or excessive noise.

Officers can also seize and impound any stock under the Act.

Stray Livestock on Public Roads

In the event of stray livestock on public road and Council land please contact Councils Animal Control Officer on 63 977303 or After hours on 0419358395

Can my stock graze along the roadside?

The Local Government Act (1993) does not provide for the grazing of animals on Council roads. It is at the discretion of Councils through their individual By-laws and policies that it is determined where animals might graze.

The grazing of an animal in a public reserve, or any area under council control is not generally permitted except in areas provided for this type of activity, where signs or notice boards indicate that it is allowed, or with prior written permission from the General Manager. Failure to do so could result in a fine.

The Northern Midlands Council does not have a By-law permitting stock to graze along the roadside.

Can my animals be impounded by the council?

Under the Local Government Act (1993) a council may impound any animal found straying or at large on any highway or on any land owned by, or under the control of, the council. The Law of Animals Act (1962) also impacts on impounding animals and should also be referred to for legal obligations and responsibilities.

Individuals should contact the Animal Control Officer for further details on 0419 358 395.


Keeping Chickens in a backyard is permitted but please be a responsible owner.

Council advises against keeping roosters as they can become a nuisance to other residents due to the associated noise.

The Department of Primary Industries has information available on keeping backyard poultry (


Registration now compulsory for Tasmanian beekeeping activities​. Under the Biosecurity Act 2019 (the Act), beekeeping is considered to be a ‘regulated dealing’ (under Part 5, Division 3, Section 77).  Under the Act a person must not engage in a regulated dealing unless they are ‘registered’.​

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