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The Animal section of the Northern Midlands Council website has endeavoured to include all information relating to the queries you might have when it comes to your furry friends. If you can not find what you are looking for please contact the Customer Service Team on (03) 6397 7303 or email us on

Alternatively you can contact our Animal Control Officer (after hours) on 0419 358 395 (dogs and livestock).

Keeping Animals

Please consider the following points carefully when keeping animals:

  • Are structures, buildings, enclosures or areas which the animal has access to clean and sanitary?
  • Can you dispose of bedding, floor covering, Manure or waste food?
  • Will the animals cause any nuisance to neighbours through smell or noise?
  • Are your fences adequate?
  • Can you provide a lifelong home for this animal?
  • Is your property large enough to cater for the animal?