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Council Forms
Bins Need to upgrade, downgrade, report a damaged bin or request a new bin?

Up grade / Down grade / Additional Waste Bin Service Request Form

Request to replace stolen wheelie bin (Waste or Recycling )

Please post forms to NMC PO Box 156 Longford or email to

Animals Need to register your dog, apply for a kennel license or change your current details?
Food Need to register your food business or apply for a Mobile Food Vendor permit?

Food Premises Registration

Food may only be prepared and sold from premises approved for this purpose and registered with the Council.

A Council Environmental Health Officer will inspect the food business prior to issuing the registration.

To read more about the requirements please click here.

Mobile Food Vendors

If you are a Mobile Food Vendor looking to operate in our municipality you will require a permit. Our Mobile Food Vendor permit can be found here.

To read more about the requirements please click here.

Environmental Health

Private Water Supplier Application Form

User or Supplier of Private Water

Other All other forms

Footpath Trading

If you are a business and require a Footpath Trading License, the application form can be found here.

To read more about the requirements please click here.

To download an application form, click here.

Statutory Declaration / Justice of the Peace

Council have a Justice of the peace on premises able to witness / sign statutory declarations during normal working hours. We are unable to sign statutory declaration for illness you will need to go to a chemist or your doctor. To ensure we are able to assist please call Council on 6397 7303 to enquire and make an appointment.

Statutory Declaration form

Who can sign a statutory declaration

Vehicular / Driveway Crossover Permit

All new and replacement driveway crossovers will need a Council permit - there is no fee, only a procedure to follow. Once your application has been received, our inspector will look at your plan and the site. If something needs to be changed the inspector will call and see you. You will then receive your permit to start work. Most permits for a standard driveway crossover are issued in ten working days.

If the crossover is to be provided for access related to an approved development under a Council Planning Permit the location must be in accordance with the approved plan. Please see the application form for details.

For advice and more information, call the Customer Service Team on (03) 6397 7303.

Weed Management: No Spray Register - request form (new & renewal)

Council is responsible for vegetation and weed management within its road reserves.

Management methods for the control of vegetation include mowing, slashing and the use of chemical herbicides to eradicate vegetation growing in the road reserve.

Council undertakes a minimum of 2 spray cycles per year, covering all urban areas across the municipal area.

In the use of chemical herbicides, Council abides by the Code of Practice for Spraying in Public Places, issued by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment in support of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Act 1995, that outlines the minimum acceptable standards in the spraying of weeds and vegetation in public places.

In respect to spraying within road reserves abutting non-council owned land, Section 26 of the Code of Practice provides property owners the opportunity to request Council to not apply chemical products for weed or insect pest control in front of their property, subject to the owner undertaking weed and vegetation control to the satisfaction of the Council.

The property owner’s vegetation/weed (pest) control plan is to ensure the following:

  • Control of all weed species;
  • Keeping the road frontage clear and/or tidy;
  • Keeping drainage and or paths free of obstruction and fully operational at all times;
  • Ensuring that the kerbs, footpaths and gutters are free of vegetation growth;
  • Be applicable to the entire frontage, including the side and rear of the property if abutting a Council road reserve;
  • Removal of existing trees and vegetation must not occur without permission from the Council.

Successful applications are to be included on the Council’s ‘No Spray Register’, as detailed below:

  • Registration for a period of up to 12 months starting from 1 July;
  • Applications are non-transferrable;
  • Tenants of a property or residents part of a unit complex or strata property to provide written confirmation from the landlord or body corporate in support of the request;
  • Applications for inclusion on the Register are to be advertised annually and promoted on Council’s website.

Should the applicant not manage the control of weeds and vegetation to the satisfaction of the Council, the following occur:

  • Written advice will be sent to the applicant that maintenance must occur within fourteen (14) days of the date of the correspondence;
  • Failure by the applicant to conduct maintenance of the area within fourteen (14) days to result in Council undertaking, without further notice, any necessary work to control the vegetation;
  • Council resume responsibility for the maintenance of the land, using chemical products if necessary;
  • The applicant be removed from the Register at the end of the fourteen (14) day period, without further notice, if the required maintenance has not been completed;
  • The applicant may reapply to be placed on the register at the next application period, June 30.

Download a No Spray Register - Request Form (New & Renewal) here.

Place of Assembly Application

Download a form here.

Cooling Towers

Application for Registration Renewal of Regulated Systems (Cooling Towers).