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Council Departments, Functions & Key Contacts

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Council’s Strategic Plan provides guidelines within which Council operates; with Council’s mission providing strategic direction as follows:

Lead: Serve with Honesty, Integrity, Innovation and Pride

Council is committed to strong advocacy and community collaboration. Living responsibly within our means, through transparent financial planning and governance. Staff culture espouses integrity, honesty and pride.

Progress: Economic Health and Wealth – Grow and Prosper

Our infrastructure growth builds capacity and economic sustainability. We support diverse, innovative, independent business and industry. We thrive with strong collaborative regional partnerships.

People: Culture and Society – A Vibrant Future that Respects the Past

Diverse towns and villages service a rural-based industry. Connectivity challenges are innovatively managed to unite disparate communities. Equitable delivery of quality assets, programs and services supports sustainability.

Place: Nurture our Heritage Environment

We cherish the historical heritage of our culture and all its people. It is firmly embedded in planning for the future – an enviable place to live, work and play. We protect our environment and work with business and industry to protect inherent values.

Council's Organisation Structure

Governance includes provision of elected representation, executive support, strategic planning, economic development, community development and public relations.

The Governance Department is the responsibility of Des Jennings, Council's General Manager.

Community & Development

Community & Development includes the provision of services relating to the following: Recreation, Events & Tourism Promotion, Committees of Management & Non-Profit Organisations, Building, Health, Planning Services, Animal Control, Environmental Management and Compliance. Council strives to facilitate healthy communities with a strong sense of wellbeing through the development of community services and activities that meet the needs and aspirations of Northern Midlands residents.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services includes the management of financial, information, asset, risk and work health & safety portfolios; early childhood and community services.

Council's Corporate Services Manager is Maree Bricknell.


Works and Infrastructure includes the maintenance and construction of Council amenities, parks and reserves, engineering services and waste management.

Council's Works Manager is Leigh McCullagh.