Food Premises Registration

Council's Environmental Health Officer can assist with general enquiries relating to food licensing.

Food Premises Registration

Food Registration Information

The intent of the Food Act 2003 is to ensure safe food is sold to the public by licensed food businesses which involves Council conducting an annual random inspection of these premises to ensure food is being safely prepared, cooked and stored in accordance with the Food Act 2003 and the Food Standards Codes.

In Tasmania, food businesses are assigned a food risk rating / category.

A higher risk food category are charged a higher annual fee than a lower risk food category and is inspected more often. From the information provided in your application, the Environmental Health Officer will advise you the risk category and the fee that applies.

Generally there are two types of food licences in Tasmania and they are as follows:

  • Fixed (address) premise; and
  • Mobile food business ie. it moves around for example a mobile food truck, trailer or market stall.

For a mobile food business, only one food licence is required for use throughout Tasmania.

Please apply at the Council where you reside or where your vehicle is usually garaged.

An annual fee applies from the 1 July yearly.

Fees and Charges - Northern Midlands Council ( then click on "Health"