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Convict Brick Trail

The Convict Brick Trail at Campbell Town is dedicated to some of the nearly 200,000 convicts who were transported to Australia for almost 100 years from 1788 onwards.

The trail is located on the footpath in High St, Campbell Town and commences outside the historic premises known as the Fox Hunters Return which is adjacent to the Red Bridge. It extends to the CBD on the western side and to the IGA Supermarket on the eastern side.

The first brick was laid by Mayor Kim Polley on the 28 August 2003.


The Convict Brick project was a privately run project. Bricks were purchased privately and the detail on each brick was provided by individuals or descendants of the convict identified on the brick. If you have any questions regarding the Convict Brick Trail please do not hesitate to contact Council.

Please note, as Council did not manage this project, we do not replace incorrect bricks, or, install new ones. However, we do keep a record of any corrections to bricks which may be required, in the event that the project is taken up again in the future.

Convict Brick Images

To view images of the bricks representing each ship that brought convicts to Tasmania, please click the links below:

Aeolus Alexander Ann Atlas Bellona Canada Canada IV Catherine
Earl Cornwallis Elizabeth Experiment Experiment 11 Friends Friendship Hercules HMS Glatton
Indispensable Lord Melville Lord Wellington Maria Marquis Cornwallis Mary Anne Minerva Minstrel
Morley Nile Northhampton Providence Rolla Speedy Speke Surprize
Sydney Cove Tellicherry Wanstead William Pitt

Search for Convict Bricks in Campbell Town

Please note that there may be some inaccuracies on brick inscriptions. Council was not responsible for collection of information or placement of bricks. If you believe there to be an error, please contact us with the relevant information, and we can note it on the database.

You can also download a pdf file containing the details of all the bricks in the database by clicking here.