Northern Midlands

Business and Investment

Economic development was recognised as a major issue in “Tasmania Together” and this is reflected in Council’s 2007-2017 Strategic Plan in which a number of key selections address economic development issues.

Council is working in partnership with the State Government, the Northern Midlands Business Association (NMBA), the Heritage Highway Tourism Region Association (HHTRA) and Northern Tasmania Development (NTD) to develop an agreed range of strategic initiatives to boost economic growth and employment within the Northern Midlands.

Northern Tasmania Development

NTD is the northern regional development body established by the eight councils that make up the Northern Tasmanian region. These Councils are Break O'Day, Dorset, Flinders, George Town, Launceston, Meander Valley, Northern Midlands and West Tamar.

We are a hub for local government representatives to come together, we offer intelligence on developments within the area, and we act as a springboard to further information for businesses wishing to invest.

We also manage a number of projects, which are either funded by our shareholder councils, or by State or Federal governments. Examples include the Northern Tasmania Regional Land Use Planning Project funded by the Tasmanian Planning Commission, and the Regional Tourism Initiative funded by Tourism Tasmania.

Our role is to facilitate and coordinate economic and social development. Please find following a link to our website:

Northern Tasmania Development

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