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Planning Applications

Below are planning applications currently on public exhibition and their closing dates.
The information on this website is provided for assistance only.
The Northern Midlands Council does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information provided.
The complete package of plans and documents relating to each application can be viewed at the Northern Midlands Council offices, 13 Smith Street, Longford, from 8.30am to 5.00pm during the public exhibition period.

closing date 26.06.17

  • P17-129 - Rural properties at White Hills, Relbia, Evandale & Nile areas: (CT 126646/2 & Ors) - Distribution pipeline (54km), 2x pump stations & associated works including vegetation removal; & including heritage-listed places, for the North-East Irrigation Scheme (Utilities - Rural Resource Zone; partial Landslip Prone Area, Flood Prone Area, Scenic Management Area, Priority Habitat, ANEF Contours, & works within 50m of a water course)
  • Please hover over the following links for a description of their content, click to access. Please note they will download as PDF documents. [Application and Development Report] [Plans1] [Plans2] [Plans3] [Titles] [Shed and Pump Station Plans] [Supporting Documents]

closing date 30.06.17

  • P17-008 - 26 Tannery Road, Longford: (CT 226347/1; 44534/6; 153287/1) - Partially retrospective conversion of carport to laundry/store room (heritage listed place), including access over CT44534/6 and parking area within CT153287/1 [Click Here]
  • P17-087 - Woolmers Lane (inc. CT27652/1; 150964/1; 83812/1; 168364/1), Longford: (CT 27652/1+) - Replacement bridge, road realignment, tree removal & partial hedge removal (Heritage Precinct, Scenic Corridor, flood hazard area & works within 50m of a watercourse) [Click Here] [Click Here] [Click Here] [Click Here]
  • P17-118 - Evandale Road (opposite #81), Western Junction: (CT 150770/100) - Sign Denoting Translink Precinct (within ANEF contour) [Click Here]
  • P17-137 - 93 Waddles Rd, White Hills: (CT 19621/1) - Dwelling & change of use of existing building to an outbuilding (vary setbacks in rural zone; within irrigation district & potential landslip hazard area) [Click Here]

closing 7.7.17

  • P17-125 - 24 Macquarie Street, Evandale: (CT 112373/1) - Carport & garden shed (vary side setback & vary rear setback to subdivision boundary approved under P15-197) - Heritage Precinct (Click here)
  • P17-149 - 39b Marlborough Street, Longford: (CT 152650/2) - Garage (10m x 5m) - vary internal front setback to 0.5m (Heritage precinct) (Click here)
  • P17-150 - 12 Barton Road, Epping Forest: (CT 22757/1) - Garage (6m x 6m) - vary setbacks in rural resource zone & within Irrigation District (Click here)
  • P17-146 - 55 Wellington Street, Longford: (CT 222077/1) - Signage on external wall of Longford Library (heritage-listed place in heritage precinct) (Click here)

closing 8.7.17

P17-119 - 283 Valleyfield Road, Campbell Town: (CT 140153/2) -
Van Diemen Quarries Pty Ltd - Increase production up to 100,000 cubic metres at quarry (level 2 activity under EMPCA).
The proposal is for an upgrade to an existing quarry off Valleyfield Road Campbell Town, which has previously produced hard rock and gravels. The proponent is seeking approval to increase the maximum permitted production to an upper limit of 100,000 cubic metres per annum. Quarrying activities would include site preparation, drilling and blasting, rock removal, rock crushing and screening using a mobile crusher, ripping of gravels, stockpiling of processed material and transport of rock and gravel.
The above application has been referred to the Board of the Environment Protection Authority (the Board) for assessment under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPC Act). An Environmental Effects Planning Report (EEPR) has been lodged in support of the above proposal.
Public exhibition of documentation
A copy of the EEPR for the above proposal will be available for public inspection during the notification period and may be examined during normal business hours at:
• The Northern Midlands Council Offices: 13 Smith St, Longford, 7301
• Service Tasmania Hobart, 134 Macquarie St, Hobart, 7000.
The DPEMP/EEPR can also be viewed on the internet at:
A guide for preparing a public submission can be found on the internet at:
Copies of the EEPR may be requested from Van Diemen Quarries, 79-81 St Leonards Road, St Leonards, Tas. Ph 03 6337 0277.
(Click here) (Click here for EEPR)

How to make a representation to an application

A representation may be either in objection or support of a planning application. You can make a representation to a proposed planning application by writing to Council explaining your reasons. The written representation must be received by Council during the public exhibition time of the planning application. Representations are to be sent to: The General Manager - via mail to PO Box 156, Longford 7301; hand-delivery to 13 Smith St, Longford; or via a pdf letter emailed to

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