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Planning Applications

Below are planning applications currently on public exhibition and their closing dates.
The information on this website is provided for assistance only.
The Northern Midlands Council does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information provided.
The complete package of plans and documents relating to each application can be viewed at the Northern Midlands Council offices, 13 Smith Street, Longford, from 8.30am to 5.00pm during the public exhibition period.

closing date 22.03.17

  • P17-056 - 33 Wellington Street, Longford: (CT 230047/1) - Dwelling extension (heritage precinct & attenuation area) [Click Here]
  • P17-062 - Riverbank Reserve, opposite 34 William Street, Perth: (CT Crown Land) - Picnic shelter within Perth riverbank reserve [Click Here]
  • P17-063 - 2A Macquarie Street , Cressy: (CT 10/4040) - Overnight camping area (visitor accommodation) [Click Here]
  • P17-064 - 1111 Bishopsbourne Road, Bishopsbourne: (CT NA) - Overnight camping area (visitor accommodation) [Click Here]

closing date 28.03.17

  • P17-024 - 37 Badajos Street (lot 3), Ross: (CT 162679/3) - Dwelling, carport and shed (vary clause 10.4.4 A1 re north facing window) [Click Here]
  • P17-045 - 1 Murray Street, Evandale: (CT 15145/2) - Garage (7.5m x 6m) - heritage listed place in heritage precinct [Click Here]
  • P17-052 - 'Vaucluse' 643 Glen Esk Road, Conara: (CT 109929/5) - Alterations, additions & change of use of heritage listed dwelling to Visitor Accommodation & function venue (irrigation district) [Click Here] [Click Here]
  • P17-053 - 61 Wellington Street, Longford: (CT 160325/1) - Demolition of lean-to & replacement/repairs/maintenance of roof, guttering, weatherboard cladding & gateway (heritage listed place in heritage precinct) [Click Here]
  • P17-054 - 18 Logan Road, Evandale: (CT 135864/3) - Relocate existing storage area (including all building materials, shipping container building and shipping container) from northern side of property to southern side of property, and construct new shed (vary southern & eastern setback) [Click Here]
  • P17-058 - 12 Paton Street, Longford: (CT 172712/3) - Multiple Dwellings x 2 (vary internal front setback & visitor parking) [Click Here] [Click Here]
  • P17-061 - 22A Logan Road, Evandale: (CT 10537/4) - Dwelling & Carport (vary internal front & rear setbacks) [Click Here]
  • P17-065 - Wellington Street (adjacent to #44), Longford: (CT NA) - Replacement bus shelter (heritage precinct) [Click Here]
  • P17-074 - 76 Seccombe Street, Perth: (CT 168622/14) - Shed (vary rear & side (E) setbacks) [Click Here]
  • P17-075 - 34 Russell Street, Evandale: (CT 237263/1) - Install roller door to front of carport (heritage precinct) [Click Here]

closing 04.04.17

  • P16-211 - 974 Cressy Road, Cressy: (CT 164931/1) - Telecommunications facility (40m-high monopole, 6 antennas, 12 radio remote units, 2 dishes, equipment shelter and ancillary equipment) [Click Here]
  • P17-004 - 4-6 Drummond Cres, Perth: (CT 7633/1) - Subdivision (3 lots) - vary site access distance [Click Here]
  • P17-055 - 16523 Midland Highway, Perth: (CT 170419/1) - 2-lot subdivision & new access (scenic corridor) [Click Here]
  • P17-057 - 108 High Street, Campbell Town: (CT 26408/1) - Partial change of use from Food Services to General Retail & Hire [Click Here]
  • P17-059 - 51 Mulgrave Street, Perth: (CT 163224/9) - 6 x 4.5m shed (vary rear set back) [Click Here]
  • P17-067 - 41 Park Street, Ross: (CT 246673/1) - Change of use of ancillary dwelling to visitor accommodation & signage [Click Here]

How to make a representation to an application

A representation may be either in objection or support of a planning application. You can make a representation to a proposed planning application by writing to Council explaining your reasons. The written representation must be received by Council during the public exhibition time of the planning application. Representations are to be sent to: The General Manager - via mail to PO Box 156, Longford 7301; hand-delivery to 13 Smith St, Longford; or via a pdf letter emailed to

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