Northern Midlands

Strategic Projects

Council is pursuing the following projects:

Ben Lomond National Park

Campbell Town War Memorial Oval Precinct

Longford Visitor Appeal Study

Northern Midlands (Longford) Health, Fitness and Sports Centre

Northern Midlands Rural Processing Centre

Perth Development and Traffic Plan

Perth Structure Plan

In anticipation of the Midland Highway upgrade which is planned to ultimately bypass Perth, Council is working with the Department of State Growth and Northern Tasmania Development to develop a Perth Town Structure Plan that will give Perth the opportunity to build and promote its town character, providing a reason for people to come to live and raise a family.

The development of the Structure Plan has been awarded to GHD Pty Ltd, through their Launceston office, with the final report and plan expected around the end of 2016.

Whilst the primary focus of the Structure Plan will be the land on the southern and western edges of Perth, defined by the alignment of the highway by-pass, the whole of the Perth township will be considered as the Structure Plan produces:
• an audit of the current residential, commercial and industrial land demand and supply;
• an assessment of the additional land supply encompassed inside of the Southern and Western Perth link roads;
• an analysis of potential dwelling yield;
• an assessment of projected demand for residential, commercial and industrial land at different growth scenarios;
• an outline development plan (plan and description) incorporating:-
- indicative residential layout addressing diversity in density and accommodation types;
- existing and proposed roads and pathways (including shared pathways);
- open space network;
- streams and dedicated major overland flow paths;
- commercial and retail space;
- industrial land provision;
- linkages between existing town centre and new areas and river side access; and
- rationale for all of the above;
• a record of consultation;
• implementation strategies; and
• preferred staging and release.

Even though the construction of these link roads, forming the by-pass, will take several years to complete, detailed structure planning now will ensure that the future development of Perth is coordinated and has full regard to the needs and expectations of the community.

The Draft Perth Structure Plan can be downloaded by clicking on this link

Ross Town Square Master Plan

The Ross Town Square Master Plan report prepared by JMG Engineers and Planners was accepted by Council at the 12 December 2016 meeting, at which time the name 'Village Green' was endorsed for the site. The report can be accessed by clicking on this link


West Perth Stormwater Assessment

Council at its meeting on 21 September 2015 considered options to resolve stormwater drainage issues at west Perth, at this time the resolution was as follows (Min. Ref. 272/15):
Cr Goninon/Cr Knowles
That Council
1) initiate ongoing discussion with the State Government and TasRail to fully investigate opportunities to fund the required upgrade of Youl Main Road and Drummond Street and their associated drainage culverts, including culverts under the railway line; and
2) concurrently investigate the introduction of a stormwater head-works levy.
Carried unanimously

Council at its meeting on 19 October 2015 meeting (Min. Ref. 295/15) resolved:
Cr Knowles/Cr Gordon
i) Council receive the report titled Stormwater Assessment and Recommendations for Northern Midlands Council - West Perth dated September 2015.
ii) the assessment area be included in the itinerary for the 2016 Councillor bus tour.
Carried unanimously

TRANSlink/Western Junction Flooding

Council at its meeting on 20 July 2015 resolved to:
• support the application for funding under the National Stronger Regions Fund program to implement the stormwater management plan for the TRANSlink Precinct to an amount of $1,400,000 with an additional contingency of 10 percent $140,000.
• authorise Council officers to acquire identified parcels of land for detention basin purposes.

Council at its meeting on 19 October 2015 meeting (Min. Ref. 296/15) resolved:
Cr Adams/Cr Knowles
That Council endorse the final report from Hydrodynamica titled TRANSlink Precinct Stormwater Assessment – Breadalbane (dated October 2015).
Carried unanimously

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